GODS EYE celestial
GODS EYE celestial

GODS EYE celestial

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Inspired but the designer's interpretation of the solar system, each weight takes a team of 2-3 artists to create. These carefully formed designs use a wide spectrum of specialty colors, dichroic glass, glow material, and precious metals. Hand blown glass inclues particles from the volcano Mt. St. Helen's ash. Use as paperweight or table top decor.

The world of science defines this outer space intrigue as a Helix Nebula which is a part of the larger planetary nebulas. Located in the constellation of Aquarius, it's one of the closer outer space bodies. It's believed that this nebula resulted from a star that died and its layers were sloughed off creating comets. Urban legend surrounding the Eye of God says make a wish... you have looked at the eye of God. 

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  • Comes in a beautiful gift box
  • Approximately 3" diameter
  • Handmade in our Seattle studio