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DC845 drm ctchr brn1213

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One of the most beautiful stories in American Indian mythology. It is said that both good dreams and bad dreams circulate in the night air. The Loop, its center woven in a web-like pattern, allows the good dreams to pass through the web into the sleeper, but makes bad dreams become entangled in the web, where they perish at the first light of dawn.

This Double Energy Flow Dream catcher has two lines of hanging feather to promote balance and equality for dreaming. It balances the good and the bad dreams coming through the webbing creating stability for the sleeper during their night's rest when their spirit is most vulnarable. It has tiger's eye stones spiraling through the webbing promoting luck and mental clarity for the sleeper. 

All our dream catchers are handcrafted in Canada by 100% Native artisan groups.
Measurements: approximately
Materials: spirit feathers, semi-precious stones, genuine leather or cowhide