dc30tan cascade

dc30tan cascade

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One of the most beautiful stories in American Indian mythology. It is said that both good dreams and bad dreams circulate in the night air. The Loop, its center woven in a web-like pattern, allows the good dreams to pass through the web into the sleeper, but makes bad dreams become entangled in the web, where they perish at the first light of dawn.

A small but mighty dream catcher paired with citrine stones in the webbing energizing the vibration of the brain bringing the sleeper to a higher self concious. This stone is perfect for those who suffer from chronic nightmares becuase citrine helps conqour fears and make self expression a priority in the subconcious relieving the sleeper from depression during their sleep and even when they are awake. 

All our dream catchers are handcrafted in Canada by 100% Native artisan groups.
Measurements: 1.5"
Materials: spirit feathers, semi-precious stones, genuine leather or cowhide

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