Seven Metals Magnetic Bracelet - Medium

Seven Metals Magnetic Bracelet - Medium

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Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Nickel, Tin and Zinc, combined to mirror the proportions they appear in our Earth's crust a similar combination of metals was used long ago by alchemists for the purpose of grounding. Chinese doctors have believed for millennia that a magnetic field, when next to the body, could markedly increase the wearer’s vital life force, known as ‘Chi’. The observed benefits were found to increase with the magnets’ proximity to acupressure points. We carefully place magnets in our bracelets near two important pressure points of the wrist. Each of our magnetic bracelets contains two powerful Rare Earth Magnets; one at each bracelet tip, carefully positioned to be worn over the wrist’s pressure points. Research has shown that magnetic fields influence biological systems and are believed to attract and repel charged particles in the bloodstream increasing circulation, stimulating tissue regeneration and reducing pain

Sizing Guide: 

Small - For wrists up to 6" in diameter

Medium - For wrists 6-7" in diameter (most common for women)

Large - For wrists 7-8" in diameter (Most common for men)

X-Large - For wrists 8+" in diameter