Guatemalan worry doll

Guatemalan worry doll

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One of our best selling items! Handmade and Fair Trade, these whimsical Worry Dolls are a classic from Guatemala! Nestled inside a brightly crochet bag are four 2" tall dolls, with colorful clothes and faces.

Legend has it that the Maya Sun God gave princess Ixmucané the gift of solving people's problems. With time, people started making dolls in Ixmucané's honor and they would whisper her their woes, hoping she would take them away by morning.

The idea is to have many worry dolls and trust each one with whatever troubles you. Once you've told them, you put them under your pillow. It is said that during the night, while we sleep, the dolls will whisper the solution to your troubles.

Great party favor or stocking stuffer!

* Handmade in Guatemala