Polaris Chime dcs22
Polaris Chime dcs22

Polaris Chime dcs22

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Part of three different constellations, Polaris is the end of the handle in The Little Dipper, part of Ursa Minor (the smaller bear), and it's the "jewel" in a semicircle of stars that make up a constellation called "The Engagement Ring". Because Polaris appears to be motionless, it is used in navigation and is associated with a steadfast nature.

This wind chime is designed and handcrafted for superior musical performance. It is hand-tuned to a universal, pentatonic (five-note) scale and acts in concert with the wind to create random patterns of wonderful sound. Harmonizes beautifully with all the other Encore Collection windchimes.

This chime carries a lifetime tuning guarantee.

  • Measurements: 22 in. Overall Length
  • Material: Bubinga finish wood, 5 silver aluminum tubes, removable windcatcher for easy customization

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