lemurian quartz (point)

lemurian quartz (point)

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Lemurian Quartz points. Each point is approximately 1in long

Lemurian Quartz works to heal while enhancing and amplifying other energies. Lemurian Quartz has been associated with the legend of the ancient people of Leumaria. The beings who live in the lost city of Lemuria were intelligent beings who were said to have programmed these crystals with their knowledge about healing and unity so that it might help to enlighten those who found them. Physically Lemurian Quartz helps with memory health, sleep and vertigo. Emotionally this crystal helps to reach acceptance and aids in emotional healing and stabilizing. Spiritually this crystal works to attain spiritual awakening and provide spiritual guidance.

Associated with all Chakras

Description provided about crystals and stones is for information purposes only and not intended to diagnose or cure any diseases. 

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